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100% pure cold-pressed seaweed extract

Powerful pre-flowering activator, from the purest source on the planet

Seaweed is a 100% natural plant and soil vitality enhancer that encourages prolific root and foliage growth as well an increase in flowering sites, and larger flowers and fruits.

Seaweed will promote vigorous, healthy growth in synergy with any feeding regime, in soil, coco or hydroponics.

Marine plants of many types have long been recognised as powerful plant boosters and stress relieving agents, but one species, Ascophyllum nodosum, stands out as the most effective. And so, to deliver as many active elements as possible in Seaweed, including high quality organic nitrogen, we cold-press Ascophyllum from the purest waters on the planet, and add nothing else. 

Seaweed is particularly effective as a pre-flowering activator/booster


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  • Dilute to use as a foliar spray or add to water or nutrient solution.

    As a general tonic and organic nitrogen source: Use when needed

    As a pre-flowering activator to increase number of flowering sites: apply from 1 week before flowering begins. See the feed chart for details.

    • Solution: 5ml/L
    • Foliar spray: 3 ml/L


  • All plants, nutrients, and substrates, in hydroponics and outdoor gardening.

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