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  • How to preserve seeds?
    for the best preservation of your seeds, we recommend putting the seeds in an air-tight container and in a freezer. this will prolong the shelf life of the seeds.
  • Can you grow microgreens without buying expensive equipment ?
    Yes, it is possible to grow microgreens without the need for expensive lighting, fans, and shelving, you just need a window sill with plenty of light and good room temperature water to feed your micros
  • How long does a microgreen take from seed to harvest?
    This all depends on the type of cultivar, some seeds like broccoli, wheat, and corn can be harvested in 7/8 days depending on the condition of the grow room climate. others like cilantro, beet roots, and basil might take up to 21 days to reach maturity.
  • Do I need to add nutrients to my microgreens?
    No, a plant has all the needed nutrients encapsulated in the seed, to give the plant the energy to grow its first leaves. if one decided to grow the plant after the true leaves then it is important to add nutrients.
  • What are the best conditions to grow microgreens ?
    Good lights ventilation moderate humidity mould free area
  • Do you need to soak the seeds before seeding?
    Some seeds like sunflower, peas, corn, beets, coriander, and wheat need to be soaked for between 12/24 hours in room temperature water and a 3% food-graded hydrogen peroxide to kill any pests that might be on the seed. while others can be seeded directly on the medium of choice ( soil, coco coir, hemp mate)
  • How many light hours do microgreens need to develop?
    under controlled environments it is suggested to give your plants about 16 hours of light, this will encourage growth.
  • How long do microgreens last in the fridge?
    Once cut, any vegetable will start losing its nutritional value. However, it is possible to store microgreens in an airtight container for up to 7 /14 days depending on the condition of both the plant and the refrigerator.
  • Which plants grow best in a vertical tower garden?
    Hydroponics work best with greens, berries and herbs such as lettuce, strawberries, kale and basil.
  • What are the actual sizes of the fresh microgreen trays?
    Fresh Microgreens trays come in three different sizes Small Tray - 680 ( 6 inches x 8 inches )or (21 cm x 15.5 cm) Medium Tray - 1380 (6 inches x 16 inches) or (21 cm x 41 cm) large Tray - 1020 (10 inches x 20 inches ) or ( 25cm x 50 cm )
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