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Pro Organic Grow Go Thrive

Concentrated, complete liquid fertiliser by Terra Aquatica Pro Organic. Fast delivery across Europe | Great prices | Neutral packaging | Order online now! that facilitates growth.

All of the plant's needs throughout all development stages are fulfilled by the 2 different Pro Organic products by Terra Aquatica, which we would like to introduce to you here.

Pro Organic improves the plant?s overall health by nourishing the micro-organisms living in the root area. This ensures a nutrient supply necessary for optimal growth and rich flowering and fruit formation. It is very effective when used in fertigation (irrigation with fertilisers), but also in drip irrigation or bioponic systems.

Pro Organic Grow was developed specifically to improve the vegetative development of the plant. It provides exactly the nutrients needed for leaf and root development. It plays a decisive role in structure formation, which results in rich blooms and fruit formation later on, which in turn is encouraged by applying Terra Aquatica Bloom.

In short, Pro Organic Grow provides nutrition for all plants during the growth phase, and may be combined with other products from the General Organics range.

Pro Organic complies with the European regulation on organic agriculture N° 834/2007.

Pro Organic Grow Go Thrive

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