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Domestic Pineapple Vertical Garden
    • Vertical hydroponic tower garden is an efficient way to grow vegetables in less space. 
    • Modular, stackable and mobile vertical growing tower, specifically engineered to maximize yield and automation, producing a fresh vegetables with minimal effort in a small space
    • Grow Up to 3x Faster Using aeroponics + NFT, only water and nutrients. 
    • Can produce 40% greater yields on average. 
    • Ideal for growing salads, herbs and similar plants, seedlings, and berries. 
    • Reduced Footprint and Less Waste, saving 90% of water compared with traditional cultivation methods
    • Up to 80 plants in less than 1 square meter.
    • Automatically delivers water and nutrients when they’re most needed directly to the roots helping you grow strong, healthy plants with minimal effort.

    Domestic Pineapple Vertical Garden

    SKU: E01
    PriceFrom €473.00
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