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Assorted Micro Herbs Box x 25 Pots - Fresh

🌱 Introducing Organic Micro Herb Assorted box Deal ! 🌿

Elevate your culinary creations with our exquisite assortment box of 25 pesticide-free, indoor grown micro herb. Carefully curated from premium organic seeds, each punnet is bursting with flavor, color and nutrients to enhance your dishes to a whole new level.


What's Inside :


🌱 PAK CHOI GREEN - A hint of freshness to your salads.

🌱 TATSOI - Earthy goodness in a tiny package.

🌱 TURNIP - A zing of peppery delight.

🌱 CLOVER RED - Vibrant color with a mild, sweet taste.

🌱 DILL - Aromatic and perfect for seafood dishes.

🌱 FENNEL - Licorice-like flavor to elevate your recipes.

🌱 FENUGREEK - A touch of bitterness for a unique twist.

🌱 LEEK - Mild onion flavor for a culinary masterpiece.

🌱 ONION - Classic, aromatic, and versatile.

🌱 FAVA BEANS - Nutty and delicious, adding texture to any dish.

🌱 DANDELION - A bitter kick for a gourmet touch.

🌱 MALVA - Subtle sweetness to balance your plates.

🌱 NETTLE - Earthy and nutritious powerhouse.

🌱 ANISE - Licorice-like sweetness for a delightful surprise.

🌱 CALENDULA - Edible petals with a mildly peppery taste.

🌱 BORAGE - Fresh cucumber-like flavor for a refreshing twist.

🌱 AMARANTH - Nutty and earthy notes for a unique profile.


Why Choose Organic Micro Herb Heaven?

✅ 100% Pesticide-Free

✅ Grown from Premium Organic Seeds

✅ Delivered Straight to Your Doorstep

✅ Save 10% on original prices


Disclaimer: The assortment boxes are made up of a fresh selection of the weekly available varieties mentioned above. Some varieties might not be included in the box for that particular week. 

Assorted Micro Herbs Box x 25 Pots - Fresh

Sales Tax Included
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