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Hemp Grow Mats 50cm x 25cm


    The fibres of the industrial hemp plant are currently a byproduct in the farming industry. Hemp seeds are harvested and the remaining plant fibres are unused, often burned on the field. Hemp fibres are an incredibly resilient fibre similar to the composition of coco coir but with a neutral ph. 

    They are an ideal grow media for microgreens, wheatgrass, and sprouts. The loose weave fibers allow your plant's roots to grow while also providing them with nutrients.


    SIZE: Each mat is pre-cut to fit a standard 10” x 20” growing tray for the growing of microgreens


    The advantages:

    • eliminates the need for soil or compost 
    • Very clean material 
    • lightweight and easy to store
    • Good water retention 
    • Biodegradable and compostable

    Hemp Grow Mats 50cm x 25cm

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    • HEMP MATS is a fully compostable hemp fibre mat. It consists of 100% natural hemp fibre of substrate quality with a very airy structure. Also worth noting: due to their particularly moisture-retaining features they are the perfect growing medium for a wide variety of applications in the horticultural sector.

      Ideal for growing microgreens and crops with short rotations. Hemp products for the enclosures of Natural, hygienic bedding based on hemp fiber that rapidly and effectively absorbs moisture and odors.

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