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Coriander splits - ORGANIC SEEDS
  • Botanical name -Coriandrum sativum


    Coriander seeds split for faster and more even germination! Since there is one seed in all coriander seeds in each half, we now offer the coriander in the halved version. This allows even faster and more even growth. Recommended by Microgreen professionals!


    Taste: Coriander green scents lemony-peppery, tastes sour-sharp and is particularly suitable as an addition to Asian dishes.


    Usage: raw: in salad, on bread, for juicing, smoothies or as decoration of your dishes


    Positive properties: The essential oil contained in the coriander has an appetizing and soothing effect on stomach and intestinal diseases. As a home remedy, coriander is said to have a blood-cleansing and antispasmodic effect. In addition, coriander green is often used as a natural antibiotic.


    Organic Microgreen Seeds Coriander. Seed from certified organic farming for sprouts and microgreens.

    Coriander splits - ORGANIC SEEDS

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