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Bloom Booster ( Bud)

Completely organic, yet extremely powerful.
Bloom Booster helps to provide the most lavish flower blossom.

Terra Aquatica Bloom Booster is a strong simulator that promotes explosive bloom development and substantial fruit formation. Bloom Booster increases metabolic activity and the plant?s mineral uptake with the use of biostimulators and biological activators.

This lays the foundation for denser than average blooms. And even as early as during the crucial flowering and fruit formation phases. Bloom Booster works in a natural way and allows the plant to fully exploit its genetic potential.

Terra Aquatica Bloom Booster enables:

- Application from the start of flowering
- Increased metabolic activity
- impressive blooms and substantial fruit formation

Note: Bloom Booster is a strong bloom stimulator, but can not be used as a complete blossom fertiliser system. Especially in the later flowering period, Bloom Booster should be replaced with a phosphorus-potassium preparation (e.g. GHE Ripen).

Bloom Booster ( Bud)

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